It's spring time in the Spanish mountains, where the beautiful mountain goats stumble on the steep slopes. Report from the hunting area.

Monday 4pm ends Europe's largest hunting show. It takes place in Nuremberg in Germany, and just this year's event heralds perhaps the long awaited recovery in the hunting industry, which has been suffering especially the last two years.


Today opens the year's great hunting fair in Nuremberg in Germany. It is considered the second largest in the world and is unparalleled the largest in Europe.

Two poachers were killed while two others are wounded and on the run with a fifth. Hunters and armed park guards fighting poachers.

Brand new scope and new binocular from Swarovski has just been introduced at the Shoot Show in Las Vegas, USA.

This is a personal story about a hunting accident and a shot that easy as nothing could have cost a Danish hunter he’s eyes

The British Home Office has recently changedthe UK Firearms Act of 1988 in such a way as to allow from 1 October 2011 the production of a copy of the EFP as an alternative to sending the original when applying for this British Visitors Permit for travelling to England.

The CIC adopted a landmark recommendation at its last Council Session in Madrid in November. 


Brand new legislation in Denmark put a total stop for any trade with legal horns from rhinos. The Danish authority’s wish to stop the illegal trade in rhino horns and to reduce poaching of African rhinos.