Last week a tragic hunting accident caused a deer hunters dead in Maine in the United States. The police believe that two hunter was shooting at the same deer from each side of the animal...

Nordisk Jægersamvirke has got a new chairman. This time the choice fell on Finnish Lauri Kontro who is also chairman of the Finnish Hunters' Association.

The great Swedish hunting federation loses members for the fourth year in a row. The Swedish hunters have otherwise just got a new chairman, decided that the numbers of members must increase, and then raised price of membership.

Lead is toxic and harmful form of people. Now it turns out that venison shot with lead rifle bullets is contaminated with lead.

Today, Winchester is completing its offer by associating its famous POWER-POINT ammunition with the 4 legendary battue or still-hunting calibers so prized by European hunters: 
7x64, 8x57JRS, 9.3x62 and 9.3x74R.

CIC President Bernard Lozé: "Banning Lion Hunting Endangers The Survival of Lions in the Wild!"

One suspected man was shot and killed in the northern part of Zimbabwe leading to the recovery of six tusks in the Hurungwe Safari Area.

The Swedish hunter, whom last year shot a moose on the neck and subsequently killed an older skier when the bullet went through the moose, has now been found not guilty for the charge of manslaughter.

The wolf hunting in Sweden has divvied the population that used to be very pro hunting. Now a clear and obviously violent opposition has arisen.