The Winchester family has a new arrival

Throughout the 20th century, Winchester has shown its mastery and expertise by developing magnificent calibers such as the 243, the .270, the .284, the .300 Magnum or even the .338, all of which have since become best-sellers. 

Winchester's leadership in big-game ammunition also relies on its mythical POWER-POINT® bullet, which continues to prove its impeccable reliability and effectiveness season after season. 
Today, Winchester® is completing its offer by associating its famous POWER-POINT® ammunition with the 4 legendary battue or still-hunting calibers so prized by European hunters: 
7x64, 8x57JRS, 9.3x62 and 9.3x74R. 

The Winchester® Power-Point® bullet, the most popular and the most widely used by hunters, offers excellent knockdown power thanks to its soft lead point and a jacket specially notched for uniform expansion. 

Ammunition is available from official "Dealer Winchester partner".

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