Still seeing

Karl Steffens

Karl Steffens is still seeing although he got a shot right in he’s face.

Clear voice.
Hunter magazine is an independent journalist hunting magazine which usually is critical to hunting business players. Not to be cross, but to take care of our only and most important function: To give you the plain truth about everything that moves in hunting multifaceted world.
Therefore we usually never give a commercial hunting actor room to speak unchallenged on these pages. But sometimes one comes close to a story that are so bell-clear, informative, and perhaps even edifying, that it serves no purpose to be a tuff critical journalist.
Karl Steffens is from Thisted – Denmark, and here is his story about a German pheasant hunt that could have cost him the sight.

On November 19th 2011 I was invited to small game hunting nearby the German city Gräpel. We were excited about the hunt, because the area usually offers plenty of game. The weather was against us though with a thick fog hanging over the area. Due to the weather the safety on the parole had been increased, so low shooting was banned – even so it almost ended fatale for me.
I was placed on a bridge over a channel with a railing as my only cover. After a slow start the drive turned in our favor, a flock of pheasant hens (protected) flew by. The fog was so thick that I could see neither hunters nor beaters, and a deer passed close by me without even noticing me.
Suddenly a bunch of pheasants took off and the shots fell close, I could feel how pellets hit my jacket, my face and my Wiley X shooting glasses. Luckily for me I had acquired my shooting glasses earlier in the autumn. I don’t know if the glasses saved my eyes, but luckily I don’t have to think about that now. To me they saved my eyes, and I will NEVER go hunting or clay shooting without them again.