Less deer to more hunters

The Norwegian red deer hunt has it greatest success in the south western part of the country.

In the season 2011-2012 were shoot almost 36,800 red deer in Norway, and it is a modest decrease of 2,300 animals in relation to the previous year, which was the best ever.
It is also the first time in Norway's hunting history that the hunting of red deer and moose are on the same level, according to Statistics Sentralbyrå (SSB) and in the last season there was shot 200 more deer than moose.
The Norwegian red deer hunting is controlled by a quota regime, and the season's quota was at 56,000 animals, but it was only 66% of the quota that was exploited.
A total of 41,700 hunters were looking for the red deer’s and it was an increase of 1,400 over the previous year.

Fældet kronvildt kort

Norsk kronvildt Figur