Hunting opposition in Sweden

Three Swedish shooting ranges in Borlänge has been destroyed by the flames. The police consider the fires as a coordinated action aimed directly against the Swedish hunters. One ranges is completely burned while several buildings at the other two others have been badly damaged.

"We assume that the fires are started intentionally," says Sven Åke Petters from the police in Dalarna, and the police believe that the fires are a coordinated action against the Swedish hunters.
A group calling themself Protect the Predators runs a website that shows where there are hunting facilities, high stands, hunting lodges and where there have been hunters. The website writes allegedly also that it is good to be in possession of lighters and saws when you move in the Swedish countryside.
The police are aware of the website's existence and content, but will not say anything about whether there might be a connection between the fires and the web site hints.
"The investigation must show," concludes Sven Åke Petters.


The growing Swedish wolf population has become an emotive topic of debate among hunters - who are generally against the wolves continued expansion - and the "wolf huggers" as they derogatory are called in Sweden, who are ardent advocates of the large predators continuing expansion.
The wolf is an original Swedish species and is protected by several international and national conventions, and the Swedish parliament has decided that the wolf must be naturally occurring in the Swedish countryside.