Finally in English
HuntersMagazine have been on the web for a little more than ten years.
Until now just in Danish. Since the start at fall 2000 we have achieved the position as the most reliable online magazine for hunters in Denmark.
Properly because we do attack the stories in a neutral and objective angel.
HuntersMagazine is always on the side of the hunters, and we ask those questions you ask your self without having someone to address. We find the answers! And we bring all related stories from the hunting fields to your knowledge, as soon as they are developing.

Background. is a Danish owned company that covers all international aspects about hunt. It is an independent journalistic magazine that is financed by advertisement and subscriptions – like any other independent newspaper in the world. was founded in autumn 2000 and have been updated every working day since – in Danish.
Now we are here in English, and in German and Spanish too – with weekly updates on all subjects connected to hunt in any aspect.