Denmark stops trade of rhino horns



Legally shot rhino. Once such a trophy comes legally to Denmark as a trophy, it can not change hands.

The Danish Nature Agency has decided to cut off all trade in rhinoceros horn. Previously they gave dispensation to sell old legal horns, people had at home, but it's over now, and happens after new figures documenting a surge in poaching of rhinos in southern Africa.

Trophy hunting.
The question is now whether this new internal Danish ban, also has implications for trophy hunters that legally and lawfully back a rhinoceros in Africa and want to take the trophy back home to Denmark? We asked Niels Kurt Nielsen of the Nature Agency CITES-office about that, and he is quite clear in he’s explanation. "There is nothing changed in relation to hunting trophies," he said this morning to Hunter Magazine, explaining that it has never been thought that a personal trophy to be sold, so nobody loses anything, as a result of this new Danish decision.
So, Danish hunters are still allowed to bring there legal trophy’s to Denmark, but they are not able anymore to sell a rhino horn.