Ammo in hole.


Rumours have been all around. And I have to state immediately, that they are not true. But the last couple of weeks, the talk have been repeatedly more noisy about a new decreet from the European Commission. Regulation number 185/2010 are active from April the 29th, and article 5 is all about what it is illegal to carry in your luggage even the part of it that is checked in and X-raid. It is said very clearly, that any kind of ammunition is prohibited, and then you start to think: Goshhh will I now longer be ably to bring my own special homemade bullets to my hunts in Europe? But do not panic!
Last morning I talked to the head of communications of the The Danish Civil Aviation AdministrationThorbjørn Ancker, and he was as clear as a sparkling tonic when he told me, that the new decree on this part is exactly the same as the one that is in power now.

So the very short massage is, that even after April the 29th it is business as usual when You are travelling with your legal hunting ammunition in one or more of the European Common country’s.
And as a matter of fact: Even to day it is prohibited to carry ammunition in Your suitcase!
If You wont to do this, You have to report it to the staff when You do the check in, and then the airline system have a distinctive set of rules they have to follow – if they do practise to allow ammunition in the hole.
That is the roles of today in Europe, and that will be the roles as well after April the 29th.

So, don’t lose your nerve. It is really business as usual over here…